Bio-resonance Therapy


Bioresonance uses German technology that's designed to adjust your body's energy patterns and effectively 'tune' them to a harmonious frequency which can help with problems hidden deep in your physiology.
How does it work?
It's not difficult to imagine your body as a system of energy. In fact, you are continually emitting energy in the form of measurable wavelengths.
As long as this energy stays at the right wavelength and flows freely everything is fine. But toxic substances from modern living, diet and habits can disturb the frequency. The idea of Bioresonance is to restore the correct pattern scientifically.

What does the treatment involve?
Bioresonance is a non-invasive therapy which involves placing electrodes on your skin for diagnosis and treatment. The electrodes are connected to a Bicom machine which checks the energy wavelengths coming from your body, and then counteracts bad frequencies by restoring the optimum balance.
The therapy starts with a personal diagnosis to see if you would benefit from Bioresonance, and if so, a course of treatment would be recommended along with any dietary requirements. (Please note that this therapy is not suitable if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker. Otherwise it perfectly safe and painless.)


£40.00 per 1 hour and half
We also distribute the portable bio-resonance machines straight from Germany but to a much discounted price, call for more details.